Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What do you get when you cross the fastest, toughest, most skill testing bicycle messenger race format with two tiny wheels and a general lust for absurdity, insanity, and the incomprehensible?

An evening you won't soon forget.

The Mini Bike Army's finest scientists have taken the well renown Alley Cat, and using the latest advances in gene splicing technology have shrunken this fierce tiger of a bike race into pygmy form.

Vancouver, we give you the first international Alley Kitten challenge. Fitting snugly into the Vancouver Velomutation bikelove weekend, Friday, September 22nd, beg, borrow, or steal yourself a mini bike and come throw down (or at least show up!) in the oddest race you may ever participate in!

The route is set!

The tasks to completed along your route determined!

Prizes for:
-First, second, and third place finishers
-Best Dressed bike (so you fashion cats, get your craft on and sexy up that mini!)

All that remains is for us to build up a small army of volunteers and an arsenal of rad prizes for you kids (in the works - good shwag for sure!), and for us all to get the word out!

Again, that's Friday September 22nd Race registration is at 6 pm; race starts at 7 pm sharp!. Race registration and starting location is 666 Burrard street, in front of the fountains (conveniently located across Burrard st. from the Burrard skytrain station.)

But wait, you ask - I want to race, but I haven't got a mini bike - what do I do?

Never fear! Minis are easy to get a hold of!

The salvation army (12th ave location, between Kingsway and Main st. is a particular gold mine) and similar second hand shops are a great resource where you can pick up your own teeny tiny smile machine! Expect to shell out between 10-15 bucks.. that's a tiny investment for guaranteed hours of fun. Moreover, bargaining with the staff is always a good idea - throw in some of the bike mumbo jumbo you may have picked up along the way to talk 'em down!
Just remember, if buying a bike for this race, maximum wheel size is 18 inches! Look on the side wall of the bike's tire to find the wheel size (it should say something like 16 X 1 3/4 - in this case indicating that the wheels are 16 inches).

Don't want to put the cash into buying a mini bike? Well then, we'll try and lend you one! Pre-register for the race by emailing midnightsimon))at((gmail.com, and we'll match you with a mini before race day.

So that's it kids. The gauntlet has been thrown down, the challenge issued. Come show us you've got what it takes to elevate Vancouver to new levels of aburdity and fun. I know you do. Check back here regularly for updates - much more is in the works! (hint - most of it involves getting one's party on)


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