Monday, February 05, 2007

OPERATION: M.E.O.W. Official Results:

-1st Place: Lyle. at 35 minutes - riding Project B. Mini Chopper
-2nd Place: Nick B., 36 minutes - riding modded kuahara
-3rd Place: Morgan, 36.5 minutes - riding Gravity Tryke.

-1st Out Of Town: Gabriel (aka Captain Fun/ Warchild) on his mean pink machine
-Purple Heart to Haley for worst wipeout
-Project B Beer Prime (15pk of Pilsner) for winner of the first stage: Lyle

Thanks to everyone who got excited about this race - To all of you who went out and got/ fixed up/ built minibikes for this race, to our amazing volunteers who got fully into character and added extra pain to all of the checkpoints, and to everyone who came to watch/ expressed interest. Y'all made this happen. We had 29 racers, a full half dozen from out of town. We'll do this again you can bet your pants on that.

In the meantime, here are a few links you might find interesting:
First round of pictures from the race: Here
More photos from Chris B Here
And from Nick Cee Here
Lyle (the race winner)'s race recap: Here
Team Portland's photo report: Here

More updates to follow.



Blogger BikeCraft said...

thanks for the wicked event KJ & SL
we gots some asses to kick down south, are you two racing?
- cara

10:50 PM  

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